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If you are a discount real estate broker or agent,
close this screen and turn off your computer,
because this letter is NOT for you...

(This is the best training for real estate agents
who are serious about their agent compensation systems!)

I have a mission to help real estate agents

"Why This is Important"
Real estate increase through experienced insight and instruction learn ways in which you can improve your real estate commission.
Darryl Davis'
Best Training for
Real Estate Agents
Dear Friend,

  Are you looking for the very best training for real estate agents available today?
  Are you fed up with inadequate agent compensation systems?
  Are you tired of losing listings to discount brokers?
  Are you sick and tired of cutting your commission just to get a listing?
  Are you frustrated with sellers thinking they can save the commission by selling on their own?
  Would you like to see those discount brokers just “disappear”?
  Do you get a sick, sinking feeling in the “pit of your stomach” when you’re on a listing appointment and the seller asks you to cut your commission?
  Are you afraid to even go on a listing appointment because you know the seller is not going to want to pay you a full commission?

If you answered "YES" to these questions, then...

This will be the most important letter you read in your whole real estate career.

With my years of experience and expertise in coaching sales representatives, I can provide you with the best training for real estate agents anywhere - so you can make the most of your agent compensation systems and get the commissions you deserve!

Take my advice – get a cup of coffee, bolt your door shut, turn off your phone, and read every bit of this letter because it is about to change your career!

I have written this letter to you for a reason

I’m writing you this letter because I genuinely consider you special –- special because I know you are very committed to your career and I am sincerely committed to providing the best training for real estate agents, coaching sales representatives and helping you make more money, and giving you the tools to stop undercutting yourself to make more money without working harder. Quite frankly, I have become “sick to my stomach” with the number of agents that feel they need to cut their commissions in order to get a listing.

Now, you might be wondering, can an agent get higher commissions in today’s market?


Here’s the concept: if you can cut your commission, you can raise it too, right? It goes both ways.

I want to tell you something -- in my 19 years experience of coaching sales representatives and real estate agents, I can say with 100% confidence that there are basically 2 types of agents in today’s market: agents who cut their commissions and agents who don’t. The agents that don’t cut their commission are making 2,3,10 times more money than the average agent, making the most of their agent compensation systems!

The amazing thing is, these agents are hardly ever asked by a seller to cut their commission! And if they are, they know exactly what to say. They've had the best training for real estate agents, therefore they have the skills and techniques to quickly nip any homeowner’s objection “in-the-bud”. You might even know of some agents like this in your market. If they can get full commissions, so can you!

I know you can get more listings at higher commissions, not only because I’ve gotten 7-8% commissions myself, but because I have spent years coaching sales representatives and training thousands of agents to do the very same thing using the best training for real estate agents anywhere!

Since 1993, I have been literally traveling the world, teaching agents everywhere how to make more money with less stress and more fun. In fact, McGraw-Hill Publisher had me write a book based on the phenomenal success my students have experienced. You may have even read it. The book is called “How To Become A Power Agent in Real Estate.”   This book is consistently rated in the top 1% of ALL books, real estate and non-real estate, on Amazon.com.

But I digress. As you know, it is more difficult in today’s market, and with today's agent compensation systems, to get listings at full commission. Between discount brokers, FSBO.com, Help-u-To-Hell, Mom & Pop I Don’t Know How To Sell Realty, and books like Selling Your Own Home for Dummies, it’s MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER for you to learn the skills on how to combat this epidemic.

That’s why I've developed a Complete Step-By-Step “Get Higher Commission” System that I guarantee will amaze you and will increase your income!  This is absolutely the best training for real estate agents on how to get more listings at higher commissions - without more work - anywhere!

"Must Be Licensed" 

Let me outline some of the important reasons why
you should focus on improving your skill
at asking for, and receiving, higher commissions:

Owners don’t see the value of your service
  The number one mistake most homeowners make when selecting an agent is they focus on the fee the agent charges. When this is their primary focus, they are missing one important concept that is true about every product a consumer invests in -- you get what you pay for!

When you lower your commission, you have 2 choices – Either cut back your profit margin, or cut back on your overhead. Our overhead is the marketing tools we use for the seller to get their home sold for the highest possible price. Either choice, someone loses. You must make a seller understand, they should hire an agent based on the quality of the agent and not the fee they charge.

It hurts our industry
  In my humble opinion, every time an agent cuts their commission in order to get a listing, they are lowering the "perceived value” of our industry. Why? Because we send the message to sellers that we ARE used car salesmen because we will cut-a-deal and lower our standards just to get their listing. The truth is, an agent that feels they need to cut their commission, is really telling the rest of us they are not skilled enough, not confident enough, not worthy enough, to ask what they should be getting.
There will always be someone who will charge less than you 
  In every industry there is always someone who will charge less, and If you compete based on price, and price alone, you will lose and find yourself out of real estate because you can’t afford to stay in it. When you compete based on price alone, all another agent has to do to steal your business from you is to come in at a lower price. You have to set yourself apart from your competition not based on what you charge but based on the service you provide! You must learn the dialogue and techniques to communicate your value to a seller!
Here's an interesting fact:
  91% of all real estate sales are done through a real estate agent. If we didn’t provide a much needed service, there wouldn’t be so many buyers buying houses through us. Let’s raise our standards, not lower them. Here’s another interesting fact, one that my students use on all of their listing appointments. USA Today newspaper did a national study: according to this study, homeowners selling on their own sell for 21.49% LESS than those houses sold by an agent. So if a homeowner paid us a 10% commission, they would still be way ahead!
You deserve to get paid well
  Most of us got into real estate because we wanted to make a lot of money so we can accomplish other things in our lives. We saw real estate as a tool to help us achieve our next level. You worked hard to get to the place you are now and because you are licensed by your State, you know more about real estate than any seller. You are the professional. You deserve to get paid, and paid well. Besides, you owe it to your family for all the long hard hours you work.
Make more money WITHOUT working harder
  Here’s something to keep in mind: For every listing you get at 1% higher than what you’ve been getting, and the average sales price is $200,000, that is an extra $2,000 per listing. If you only got 10 listings in one year, you just gave yourself a $20,000 raise without working harder or longer hours! That alone should be enough of an incentive to improve your skill on the listing appointment.

So what is this
I have for you
and why is it so
  If you have not been getting full commissions, you will most likely be out of real estate within the next 12 months. NAR statistics state that 33% of all real estate agents quit real estate each and every year. Why? Because they don’t know what to say, when to say it and how to say it when they are face-to-face with a seller. The seller says, “the other broker said they would do it for a lower commission” and those 33% that quit say “OK” because they would rather leave with a listing than not at all.

And if you are not getting a lot of listings at full commissions, you are not only cheating yourself, but your family and loved ones are suffering too. Let me share a story to help illustrate this. I had an agent come up to me one time crying because he was working so hard and he was frustrated that he still couldn’t provide for his family everything he wanted to give them. Well, one day while the agent was working in his home office, his 7-year-old boy came in and sat in the empty chair in front of his desk. The agent could see his son was sad, so he asked his son what was wrong. The boy lifted his head, looked at his father with these “angel-like” eyes and said, “I’m sad Daddy because none of my friends want to come to our house because I’m the only one without a pool.”

Now this might sound like the agent has to “keep up with the Joneses” but the point of the story is this agent is working long and hard hours, sacrificing quality time with his family, and he’s still struggling to provide what he really wants to for his family. Yes, I’m sure his family has what they need, as I’m sure you have what you need, but I’m sure you didn’t get into real estate to work hard just to get what you need, but to exceed that and get what you want.

The bottom line: I am sick and tired of agents working so hard and struggling JUST TO BREAK EVEN. I want – and you deserve – to get paid and get paid well. You deserve to go on vacations with your family, enjoy dinner at a nice and expensive restaurant whenever you want. You deserve to get for you and your family WHAT YOU WANT, NOT JUST WHAT YOU NEED. If you can’t provide your family what they want, then what are you working long-hard hours for?
Coaching Sales Representatives

By the time I was finished on a listing appointment, homeowners usually didn’t dare ask me to cut my commission because I had already made it clear I was worth what I charged. And if they did, I was ready with my specific techniques that have worked time and time again to convince the most stubborn homeowner that it's in their best interest to list with me at my full commission. Not only that, I built my business primary working FSBOs, the most difficult type of seller to work with, and I got 6 out of every 7 presentations I made and at full commission or better!

But I can’t do it for you
– you have to take the first step. I’ve taught thousands of agents my Unique “Get Your Full Commission” System and after every seminar or training course I have delivered in the past 13 years, I always have a bunch of agents say "I wish I could bring you on a listings appointment with me".   Well, here's the next best thing...

I have created the absolute best, complete package that I personally GUARANTEE will put
in your pocket - with LESS WORK!

Don't take my word for it.
Read what other agents have to say:

"Marketing Tool"

Here is a summary of what you'll receive
with my NEW Complete, Step-by-Step,
Take Me Home With You,
Get HIGHER Commissions” System:

Give Yourself a Raise - 2 Hours of Audio CDs Coaching sales representatives and real estate agents on how to get more listings at higher commissions. Get the benefits of a live session without the expense of tuition, travel or your time spent in a classroom. Listen to the nuts & bolts on what to say while you drive in your car. Your car will be your classroom. I guarantee you will have only this program in your CD player, while you listen to it over and over again. Before you know it, you will sound like a pro when it comes to addressing the commission objection.
A complete workbook loaded with 27 visuals, PLUS dialogue, to show a homeowner why it is in their best interest to pay you a full commission. You will be able to show them studies (i.e. the USA Today Study), statistics, examples, stories, etc. that if they hire a discount broker, they will actually net less in their pocket!!!
You will master what I call 1-Line Magic Phrases – once you hear these, you will never forget them. I’ll give you two right now – “If an agent is so quick to give away their money just to get your listing, how quick will they be to give away your money just to put a contract together?” Or, “If an agent is not skilled enough to negotiate their full fee, how skilled will they be to negotiate the highest possible price for you?” This is just an example – there are dozens of these 1-Line Magic Phrases.

(limited time only)

If you order now you'll also receive a FREE special bonus CD of all the full color visuals you can print out clean and crisp so you can carry these powerful, foolproof visuals on every listing appointment you attend. A permanent source of high quality visuals giving you the look and feel you need to stand out from other real estate agents.

This program will pay for itself
50 to 100 times your investment
within the first year!

You will learn the important difference between skill shopping vs. commission shopping and how to explain it to the seller. I will give you the visuals to show sellers how they will net more money by paying you a higher commission. My training program will teach you how to create value during the listing conversation that justifies higher commissions.

I have packed this real estate training course with dozens of commission objection handling techniques. My program will provide you with the most effective ammunition in the form of proven statistics that shows a seller how they lose 10% by selling on their own versus listing with an agent.

I will teach you how implementing just some of these ideas can earn you an additional $10,000, $20,000 or even $30,000 this year without working any harder. My course will cover one of the most important areas of our changing market: how to become a master at listing FSBOs.

My new complete "Get Higher Commissions” System is a MUST if you are:

A New Agent that is insecure about going on listing appointments in today’s challenging market
An Experienced Agent and you are finding it difficult to convince sellers to list their home with you versus selling as FSBO
An Agent that has ever felt pressured to cut a commission on a listing appointment in order to get a listing
An Agent that is ready to give themselves a raise without lifting an extra finger

By the way, I would not buy any training program, audio CD, etc
from anyone who hasn’t been there, done that.
Buy from someone who has been where you are
and can show you how to get where you want to be.

You must demand that a course have a complete system,
not just more information to confuse you.

Here are the 3 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively MUST HAVE in any real estate training solution you invest in.

You MUST only invest your time and money in a training program created by a professional that has the experience needed to teach.
You MUST be sure that any real estate training course is timely, one that addresses the issues of today. "How to Give Yourself a Raise" is a brand new real estate training course designed to meet the needs of today's real estate agent.
You MUST demand a course that is comprehensive, one that covers all areas of any given topic. My new real estate training course covers every aspect of earning higher commissions while obtaining more listings. You will be provided with audio, tips, techniques, and customizable visuals used by thousands of my graduates across the country.

re-cap what you'll receive when you purchase Give Yourself a Raise - How to Get More Listings at Higher Commissions:

My Total Commission Solution System Includes:

  • Over 2-hours of Audio CDs teaching you how to get more listings at higher commissions
  • A complete workbook loaded with 27 visuals, Plus Dialogue to use on a listing appointment with a seller
  • Dozens of 1-Line Magic Phrases to use on a seller to guarantee you will get more listings at higher commissions
  • Over 3 dozen proven full color visuals on a BONUS CD so you can print out clean and crisp visuals to carry with you on your listing appointments

You get at least 10 times
your money's worth!

If you come to one of my live seminars, you would be paying more than $1,100.00 to get this information. Even more importantly, without this system, you are losing money right now on every listing you take at a lower commission and it’s hurting your credibility and your real estate practice. You can’t afford to continue cutting your commission! So get the tools you need to stop cutting and get higher commissions.

This is Limited Time Offer for this special new product.
If you went to my web site at www.DarrylDavis.com,
you would see that we're selling this program for $297.

BUT NOW you can take advantage of
this special internet offer for ONLY $197!

If you just got one listing at 1% higher than what you normally charge, this investment will pay back 10 times your investment!

I know this is insane for me to offer this program for so little, based on what you receive, but I have a mission to help you make more money so you can have the things you deserve in your life!!!

But now for the
insane part...

(this gives my accountant a heart attack because they are
yelling at me as I’m writing this to stop giving away my stuff)

If you're one of the first 100 people to order this program online,
I'll throw in an extra

4 FREE bonuses!

  • A LIVE 60-Minute Unedited Conference Call Audio CD addressing specific questions from agents who want to know how to get higher fees. (Retail Value $29)

(Limited quantity)
  • The first 200 people who order will also receive the audio program, "Attitudes of a Top Producer". (Retail Value $20)

(Limited quantity)
  • The first 100 people will also receive the VERY comprehensive audio program, The Objection Handling Arsenal. This contains every objection you would ever hear on a listing appointment and how to handle it. Such as “we have a friend in the business”, “we’ll give you a short-term listing”, “we want to list it for more”, etc. (Retail Value $125)
  • Three months FREE subscription to Voices of Experience: every month we interview Top Agents, who are making over $100,000 a year. These agents will divulge their winning secrets and the formula to their success. With your FREE 2-month Subscription, you will receive a monthly audio CD of these valuable interviews, and benefit from the same techniques that have helped these agents to reach the top in the market area. (Value: $81!)

The bonus items ALONE are valued at $255 -
MORE than the cost of my Get Higher Commissions program!

Remember, the FIRST 100 orders
will receive ALL 4 Bonuses, so order NOW!

Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

You can't lose with my 100%,
ironclad, money-back guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with our 100%, no-questions-asked, ironclad money-back guarantee. If you aren't absolutely thrilled with our product, just contact us (or send the product back) within 60 days and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked.

NOW, for the Ultimate Insane Offer...

Even in the unlikely event that you decide to take advantage of my
ironclad money-back guarantee, you still get to KEEP all 4 bonuses -

That’s $255 of FREE Stuff, no matter what you decide!

"USA Today"

You don't have to decide now if this real estate training product will work for you. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn't do everything I say and more; if you don't make more money in less time, just let me know and I'll give every cent of your money back! So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Here's how to order right now!

To order Give Yourself a Raise now, just click the order button below:

To your success,

Darryl Davis

P.S. The special Internet training offer will only be available for a limited time. As you know, our industry is constantly changing, as so does the training. Order now to take advantage of this timely training information.

P.P.S. Remember - there is NO RISK to you. My 100% money back guarantee gives you a full 60 days to prove the techniques that I teach.

P.P.P.S. I hope you don’t miss out on this Special Limited-Time Offer that will most definitely, absolutely, without question, will help you get more listings at a higher commission.

P.P.P.P.S. Attention Brokers and Managers – You may want to buy a set for each agent in your office. If we see an order of 5 packages or more, as an extra bonus for you, I will include my DVD “How To Double Your Income In 12 Months Or Less” (retails for $97) – a great video to show at an office meeting and/or to include in your office training.

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