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Darryl Davis

Starting his real estate career at the age of 19, Darryl Davis of Darryl Davis Seminars became a top producer in his first year, and as an active associate, generated an average of 6 transactions per month. After a successful sales career, Darryl opened a new office that became the #1 listing and selling office in the first 6 months.
Through Darryl Davis experienced insight and instruction learn ways in which you can improve your real estate commission.
Darryl soon realized that his true joy in life came from coaching others to achieve their goals. He decided to share his ideas with the industry through one-day seminars, workshops & becoming a professional speaker. Realizing these one-day seminars were just a quick fix that didn't make a lasting impact in an agent's production; he created The POWER Program®, the only course for agents that meets once a month for a full year.

In 1993 he taught his first class and the agents that graduated went from averaging 15 transactions a year to 35 transactions! Now there are several Power Leaders who teach The POWER Program nationwide to almost 1,000 agents a year.

Darryl is a member of the National Speakers Association. According to this organization, professional speakers average 20 seminars a year, but because of Darryl's growing popularity, he averages over 100.

Darryl speaks with a commitment to the success of others. Unlike most speakers, he moves beyond simple "tips" and "how-to's" and coaches sales people to emulate the effective techniques of top producers. As one radio talk show host put it, "Darryl Davis is a 'Success Coach' for the salesperson".

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